Hologram Love


 Wearing a hologram geometric tee from Yves Identify | Forever 21 bandage skirt | Metro hat | Zara mustard yellow clutch and heels

A couple of months ago, I got the pleasure of hanging out with two of my favorite Cebuana bloggerettes Gizelle and Chyrel over some milkteas and a lot of catch-up talk. In the few months that I lived like a hermit because of my diving deep into film school, it was definitely a welcome treat to be able to see them again.

Being my best friend Yves Camingue's most ardent supporter (and harshest critic if I have to be lol), I stepped out in one of my favorite creations of his-- a fun, Ziggy Stardust-ish hologram tee. Perfect for those times when you feel like stepping out in an a t-shirt that's just a bit more interesting than the rest.

Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments regarding my return! I missed you guys! xx

PS Yes, I got inked, finally! Three new ones, to be exact. :)