Black and Blue

3:12 PM

mid-pose. my boyfriend just CAN NOT get patient enough to take a good photo T_T
Mango blazer, thrifted cut-out dress, Five by Five spiked necklace, Figliarina boots, Oxygen ring

Photos by Thaad Sabolboro

I decided to dive deep into the colored hair trend by going blue. Yes, enough with the Katy Perry references already! Hahaha... Seriously, I got dreadfully tired with blonde hair and wanted to shake it up again. Going red was a horrendous decision maintenance-wise, and there's no way in hell I'd go back to that, so I went blue instead. I'm glad I reunited with my old hairstylist, the incomparable Chady Pantaleon, in getting this done. I owe Chady some of my favorite looks, such as my side-shave back in 2010. He's really quite the genius. As crazy and haphazard as it went, I like how it turned out. Kinda feels like my old self again.

Wore this black-on-black outfit on our 2nd anniversary lunch at Carlito's Way in Persimmon (this restaurant is a must-visit by the way!). No photos to share of that, because he despises me taking shots of everything we do (blame the Instagram age!). I wore my ultrafavorite Mango blazer again, which I've worn numerous times already. It doesn't get any more perfect than this blazer.

Anyway I'll be posting numerous backlogs in the coming days, so don't be surprised if I'll still be blonde in those shots. Thanks for stopping by! xx

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