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1:46 PM

(1-3) Me and my boyf's short vacay in Bluewater Maribago
(4) :)
(5) On set of a production we worked in
(6) Pancakes I made for breakfast
(7) New shoesies
(8) With Borgy Manotoc sometime back
(9) The two most important boys in my life

This is just a super quick post to say hi to you guys and to remind you that I'm still very much alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic. I know I haven't really posted that much when it comes to personal style and what I've been buying or where I've been lately, and I feel terribly guilty-- it's just that I'm up to my neck with so much responsibility here in my new home and in my career life. When I'm not swamped with work, I really appreciate spending my idle time blowing off steam with my boyfriend and my dog. I'm feeling a huge wave of adulthood pains that I try to get over with a great dose of rest and recreation when I can. I hope my life will reach some sort of equilibrium soon,  because I terribly miss having a lot of time for my blog and my readers. Nevertheless, you know I'll always try whenever possible.

Anyway, I just very recently hopped on board the Instagram phenomenon and I understand why a lot of people are hooked. It's like micromicromicroblogging within easy reach. Forgive me though for being so late on the technology update, haha.

When I'm not updated here, I'll be on my IG. Do connect with me through my ID, edeninthetropics.

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