Congratulations to Dennis Paolo Mendoza and the rest of the 93.1 Club Radio family for another chart-topping event!

With no less than the mixes of Danny Bond of the Bassmonkeys (UK), free-flowing drinks, crazy games and prizes, and the familiar faces of Cebu's bustling party scene, 93.1 Club Radio definitely made sure that everyone had an incredibly great time.

with Dale Banaag in 90's grunge-girly boheme, and Yves in his Gareth Pugh-inspired black and white pants. wearing Yves Identify scuba-inspired maxi with zip-up slit, and Parisian shoes... spike headband courtesy of my dog, Mozart. hehe.
friends r' us

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, and here's to more years to come! 

More good news! Congratulations to mommy Dang for taking home the $80 Gift Card from my tie-up giveaway with online retailer CSN. Enjoy shopping!

Special thanks to Olive for her really sweet message/entry. Really appreciated it:)
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Hot off the presses!

With much love and appreciation to Kimo Cea of Sunstar Cebu's 'ZUP section, and amazeballs photographers Armand Alforque and Marlon Capuyan (and also fellow blogger Dred's significant other) for these rad photos, as well as the boyfs who tagged along (minus mine, as he was sick boohoo) and took BTS shots as well...

And most definitely to my fellow Cebu fashion bloggers ToniYapiPhilipDredVanessa and Gillian for proving to be as fabulous and friendly in person as they are in their blogs, and well, for just making this an experience for the books... here's to more features on Cebu fashion blogging soon! BTS pictures to follow:)

and if you're in Cebu, don't forget to check some of the city's most stylish gals this Friday at the Cowrie Cove in Shangri-la Mactan for a truly awesome Girl's Night Out! Featuring the latest collection of What a Girl Wants, as well as an open bar of scrumptious cocktails from 8:30-9:30, and mixes from guest DJs Nikki Taylor and Marvin E. The best part is, everyone's invited. Hope to be seeing you there!




From top-bottom: Josine Gumban, Yves Camingue, Andrew Singco, Irx Canseco, Dane GonzalezPhil Lapinid, Valentina Danger, Abigail Lim Aquino, and yours truly

Hey guys, hope you're enjoying an awesome weekend-- just having a really chill one with the boyf, pigging out and resting after our stressful week shooting his film. Oh and did you guys see Harry Potter just yet? It's definitely worth falling in line for... so much better than the last (IMO), and the cinematography and editing is just epiiic! We loved it, on top of the fact that we  used our complimentary passes to see it. hehe.

Just sharing for the first time the epic work done by photographer Armand Alforque in capturing some of Cebu's young crop of street-style enthusiasts for a local newspaper's style section. Originally my idea was to be completely behind the scenes and just write it, but Armand insisted that I take part in the photo op, so now I'm handing over the writing responsibilities over to another friend.

It was really a blast doing this and having to hobnob with a lot of people for the first time. IMO, that's whats great about ensemble photoshoots... it's rowdy, fun, and you never really know what comes out of it. In this case, it was awesome to observe everyone's individual interpretations of street style, and Armand did a great job at capturing just that.

This will hit publication very soon, and I'll definitely be sharing! Much love xx



Guys, sorry for having been MIA these past few days (yet again). After months and months of conception and planning, we are finally shooting my boyf's thesis film--the final film to complete his one-year Film Making course at the IAFT (International Academy of Film and Television) in Mactan, Cebu. As of writing this we are close to wrapping up, and I am nervous as well as excited-- definitely proud of the work we've done so far, as well as grateful to our small family of actors and crew who tirelessly supported us way beyond their job description.

While I've spent years doing occasionally, I opted to stay behind the scene's for my boyf's project (we think it'll be too complicated) and signed on as the project's producer. Gruelling! Intense! Talk about laboring out of love. I guess I'll only be doing this again if Thaad does another project, but aside from that, never again. Everyone else made my job fulfilling and easier, though.

Still got more BTS pictures to share, and I'll be sharing a bit more about the project in the upcoming posts. Much love xx



leather studded vest by Phil Lapinid of BimBim Haus, Mango tank, vintage "headline" print shorts, Parisian SS2011 booties

I am someone who kind of refuses to budge when it comes to the things I wear. I will always approach new trends with caution. That's just me.I'll always hope to have that kind of panache to be able to pull new trends off REALLY well, much like a lot of my favourite bloggers do. I might cave in and try a lot of crazy awesome trends eventually, but for the moment i stick to my basic blacks and neutrals, because they are easy and they go well with everything.

IMO, a good leather jacket or vest is quintessential and very timeless. I was truly ecstatic when I found out that fellow Cebuano blogger Philip Lapinid decided to give me a fully custom studded leather vest from his new business endeavor, BimBim Haus, which is all about truly hard-edged customized one-offs and fabric treatments. Young Phil is inspired by anything from The Blonds to Jeremy Scott to Kris Van Assche, and his influences flow deep in his customized pieces.

To contact BimBim Haus for your own one-off, click here. No worries, Phil. I'll be wearing this piece for a looooong time:)

I also trooped over to SM to get a new pair from their SS2011 shoe collection. ACKKKKKK! Must stay away from that department, seriously. Talk about ripping holes in my pocket!

special thanks to the boyf for taking these pictures so early in the morning. much love xx



I never really had intentions of dressing up in this year's Halloween festivities, let alone Halloween in any year, at that. Call me weird and boring, but somehow I usually just chose to stay at home and indoors while the rest of the city gets hammered away in one of the year's craziest weekends. Things did always come up  in the years past, so I never got to celebrate the weekend the way everyone else does.

But this year, my PR duties for The Taproom in Banilad  had to have me step out, so I had no choice but to gamely troop over to my friend Joy's apartment for a Halloween Preparation Bash with all our other friends.  Yes,  a small bash to just prepare to go out that night. My friends will never miss an opportunity to go dress up, so they consider Halloween THE fashion smorgasbord. Seriously, they didn't just dress up, they dressed UP.

Yves transformed into a self-described "couture mummy", Jon was a snow pimp (lol), Joy became a goddess, Aoi became the runway Cleopatra and Kimo scared the f**k out of everyone by dressing up as an elemental (only you can pull something like that, K). Yours truly had to pull out all the stops at the last minute to DIY the easiest his and hers costume: The Flintstones. Simple, I know, but it's funny and cute... and I'm pretty sure the boyf is the cutest Fred around the block.

I'm wondering how you guys spent YOUR Halloween? xx



Have you met the world's cutest, smartest and nicest jet black Labrador pup? No? It's probably because you haven't met our new pup and the newest love of my life, Mozart. But let me go ahead and let me make an introduction with these pictures.

I've never really been an "animal" or "pet" person, but I'll spend sleepless nights tossing a ball around, smell like canine, spend all the moolah I can, and pick up all of Mozart's stinky "symphony" all over the floor, just because I am absolutely smitten with my dog. Mozart is love, and he makes my heart melt with those eyes. The fact that I also share him with my significant other also means a lot-- kind of like a barometer of how we can take care of things our future brings us. I may not buy as much shoes and stuff as I used to cuz' of my dog, but hey, that's love. My boys currently make me unbelievably happy!

And speaking of events that gives us the smiles, a triple YAY going out to Dennis Paolo Mendoza, the young head honcho of 93.1 Club Radio-Cebu, for his newest venture--the 93rd and 1st Radio Bar Lounge in The Terraces! And with that, he throws yet again another surefire chartopping party featuring Danny Boyd of The Bassmonkeys. Awesomest, something to check out to all those in Cebu! Hope to see you all there :)



wearing bf's shirt from Decree, bowler hat from Topman, Figliarina wedges, assorted accessories, round shades from GCM

Cheap thrills are cathartic and stress-alleviating. We all have one, but mine in particular happens to be thrift-shopping or the ukay. Nothing gets better than a totally chic find at a price that spares your wallet from breaking down and crying. Unfortunately I've been doing a lot more things than I can actually chew, so I haven't been able to get down and dirty with my favorite stressbuster for quite sometime.

So imagine just how happy I was when I finally had the time to respond to the thrift-hunting invite from good friends and fellow Cebu fashion bloggers Gizelle and Phil to super hit the haunts downtown. Several hours and several juicy stories later, we somehow snagged some of the best finds we've seen in awhile. I got a hold of this leather jacket (which I plan to nuke), and Yapi also scored this lovely vintage dress which desperately wanted me to jump over the fence and go girly. Sweet find!

Phil also took me to a downtown nook where I found these incredibad rings that matched my Burberry nail art. Yay! I'm looking forward to our next trip together. Wonder if I can finally dig up a nice shearling jacket or a camel wrap?



Gotta send out a sweet lil' shoutout to my gal Kristine Roa, Cebu fashion blogger extraordinaire and now one of The Freeman's Lifestyle writers, for not forgetting my mug in two separate post-event write-ups: that of SCUAVE, Yves' Pre-Holiday 2010 fashion show at Formo, and the launching of Red Box Karaoke at The Terraces (and yes, I still have to make write-ups for those also. lolz)

You can barely see me in these screenshots, so I took the liberty of encircling me mug. Heheh. Thanks again, geng!