The Cool Tones of Fall


"You can't start a new life in old clothes". This is perhaps my favorite quote and real-life sage advice from the hit septuagenarian comedy "Grace and Frankie" (you still haven't seen it?!! Open up Netflix. NOW.) This line actually applies quite literally in my own life - when we moved to the country last year, I had no choice but to sell off most of my clothes and accessories, bringing only with me the bare minimum + a smattering of things I can't part with. :( Sad, I know, but when Grace said that line in the show though, I knew it was high time to stop being so sad about it and instead, continue my quest to invest in new items that I'll come to adore. 

Will Leather Goods Now Open in Midtown Detroit


Midtown Detroit continues to go full steam ahead as being one of the most decidedly cool spots in the whole of Michigan. While there are, of course, many other places to go and see when you're in the Mitten State, Midtown is known for it's own unique brand of cultural attractions, awesome eats, and an interesting mix of retail brands. This month, Oregon's handmade leather goods brand Will Leather Goods opens up shop right in the heart of Midtown, adding to the already impressive cachet of brands in the area. Read on after the jump!

Criss-Crossing the Globe


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I think I pretty much checked off some items from "fall must-have" listicles with this outfit that I wore to have lunch with a girlfriend. A peacoat (which I've had for years now, btw) ? Check. Something knitted? Check check! How about two things everyone seems to be loving this year - a suede button-down skirt and lace-up flats? Check, check and check! 

In Memoriam to the Leader of the Tribe


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Today, a rather unexpected "On this Day" throwback post popped up on my Facebook feed: a "what I wore" photo of me back in 2013, blonde hair and all, sporting a leather-finish bomber jacket with a funky accent necklace. At first glance, this said bomber jacket looks just like any other trendy item that could easily blend into any high-street boutique; but upon closer inspection, bears a signature one-off element: a hand-sketched illustration of a tribal prince, immaculately drawn and printed onto the canvas. "Naa nako'y kapartner na printing press ani, para ma mass produce na ni nako" (I have negotiated with a printer to help me mass produce this jacket soon), the designer proudly told me during the meeting where I bought this jacket and offered to carry his upcoming RTW line in the store I used to help run. That was also the first time we actually got to know each other a little better, him whose work I've long admired from afar (though he has been a longtime collaborator for a lot of my industry friends). We struck a deal, and he promised he would return soon with actual stock to display. Life seemed good.

That didn't really transpire, unfortunately. Just a few short weeks after our meeting, I woke up to the tragic news that James Canete - esteemed young fashion designer, make-up artist, photographer, and a man of many other skill sets -  has succumbed to an illness and passed away at 23.

Though I've had these outfit photos for the past two years, I realize now that this would be the first time I would actually post them on the blog.

An Afternoon Visit to Halston Somerset Collection


the Halston accessory wall. right?!
the double L's, a.k.a. Leah and Lala. Two of my favorite girls on the planet

Sometime ago, I met up with my always entertaining gal Mademoiselle Leah V for lunch and light conversations in the Troy area. Living on completely opposite parts of Metro Detroit, it's always a pleasure to see Leah on my side of town.  After a hearty lunch at La Botana (amazing Mexican food, btw), we decided to head over to visit our blogger pal Larita of Lalatrips to check out her awesome workplace that is Halston Heritage in the Somerset Collection. I was personally excited to check out what they had for fall-winter, as well as examine the pieces up close and fit some of them - read on after the jump to see more Halston goodness!