Scholastic Spirit


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Back in the Philippines, I could only imagine what sub-zero temperatures would actually be like. Being born and bred in the tropics, the coldest sensation I've ever felt was putting my hand in our freezer. Little did I know there were definitely places way, way colder than that. Michigan winters are known to be harsh, and every day is an exercise of patience against the elements, especially for a new import like me.

Though the weather has been really treacherous as of late, there's good days here and there where we don't have to bundle up everything in our closet to head out. Went out to Grand Rapids in the western side of the state to visit Gem and Clay (one of my two lovely sisters-in law and her hubs) and spend

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee


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EVERLAST-ing boxing gear, literally! Everlast pro training gloves, Everlast hand wraps, Wodwhipper jump rope, and Everlast punch mitts

So you guys, looks like I'll have to Manny Pacquiao my way into losing the postpartum fats! :D

Seriously though, it's been two months since I popped out my little man, and everyday is an uphill battle to lose the excess poundage. I have gained a total of 45 pounds, and lost short of 30. That's an achievement, I suppose? But as they say, it's always the last 10 or 15 pounds thats near impossible to get rid of. I would hustle my butt off to the nearest crossfit gym if I could (I got hooked right before I left the Philippines!), but paying $250/month? No thanks. So with that, me and the hubs decided to go ahead and get us some brand new boxing gear-- I've boxed on/off in the past, so hopefully it really helps this time around.

First time moms out there, any tips on how YOU won the weight battle? Insights appreciated!:)