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Do you think it is ever too early to think about the holidays? Back in the Philippines, malls start selling Christmas decor and radio stations start playing Christmas songs as early as the first week of September. I kid you not! Our country does love the holiday season a big deal, haha. Now, I  don't  usually go all out with "holiday dressing" like most gals- sure, I'll buy a couple of sequined items here and there - but recent experience has me believing that we should have at least one or two really special dresses for those spontaneous yet really grand holiday parties and other special events. Take this recent formal dress ball I hosted recently - I had nothing to wear until the very last minute that I thought I was going to suffer from a mini heart attack! Note to self: always have a fancy dress stashed somewhere!

Amor de Moda Fashion Show: Outfit and Behind the Scenes


I always feel somewhat underdressed whenever I attend events with my blogger  gals Lil Miss JB Style and Leah of Beauty and The Muse. Talk about #stylegamestrong ! It's definitely been fun checking out the scene with these two every now and then -- it's definitely coaxed me out of my shell and got me to start dressing up a little bit again.

Sometime ago, we got invited as press partners for the Amor de Moda fashion show in Detroit -- check out some of the btw and outfit details after the jump!

Get Radiant with YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer and Perfector: A Review


How about filing this under e-mails that make you ridiculously giddy: +Influenster reaching out to you with the news that you've been handpicked for the VIP +YSL Beauty Touche Eclat Voxbox? I could barely contain my excitement! Should you dump your go-to primer for these beauties? Read after the jump for my quick, unbiased take on these goodies!

Save or Toss? Makeup Expiration Guide


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I think this infographic is definitely worth sharing, and obviously self-explanatory. As someone who has worked behind the makeup counter for almost a year, I encountered quite a few... interesting stories from some customers about the shelf life of most of their makeup, and it wasn't very pleasant. Heck, I was pretty guilty of this myself before I got seriously schooled. A lot of us are pretty clueless about this, really, but I think common sense prevails in this situation, right? I personally wouldn't throw awat a perfectly good pan of bronzer or eyeshadow palette (Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess, in particular, is SO HUGE that it should last you well beyond two years even with everyday use!), but anything that is in liquid form is obviously more susceptible to bacteria, and anything that approaches your eye has to be deal twith some degree of caution. It was sad when I had to toss a couple of Diorshow mascara tubes away, but yes... definitely 6 months tops for mascara. Tops!

While we're on the topic, do you guys have recommendations for the best drugstore mascaras? Do let me know in your comments! xx

OUTFIT: Prefall Daze


The sun sets a tad bit earlier, and the mornings are getting quite a bit more chilly... hold up, when did we get this close to fall?