Your Perfect Swimsuit

image courtesy of Moeva London

 There is  a  perfect  bathing suit  for  each one of  us  regardless  of whatever our body type may be. Depends on whether you want to "play it safe" or looking for the next trendy swimwear to wear this season, you'll always have tons of choices. And because there’s a always that chance you’ll meet some Los Angeles commercial photographer on the beach, you always want to look good when you’re wearing a swimsuit. Patience is a virtue when finding the right swimsuit, my dear friends!

While it seems hard, it's not an impossible task. You can find your next holy grail bathing suit that fits your silhouette and matches your proportions. You do have to keep a few things in mind before going on that spree, though. Here's a few protips I picked up from my swimwear-savvy friends:

a) Try to wear a thong/seamless underwear on shopping day.  You want to see how it looks on you perfectly, so you want to get the most accurate look allowed.

b) Try to go shopping early in the season. As much as a lot of us would love to wait for the end-of-season for crazy reduced price tags, really good swimsuits tend to go fast and before you know it, you're stuck with very few remaining options. A good suit is always a worthy investment.

c) Try as many styles as  possible. Swimsuits are kind of like jeans - you have to keep trying on a few options to find what6 works for you best! 

Always remember that styles evolve constantly, and the swimsuit style that you really loved 5 years ago might not as be as stylish as it was before. Classic-cut yet flattering suits made of high quality materials will always be the better option.  

And the single most important thing to remember when swimsuit shopping? Always appreciate and love yourself! We may all not be born to look like Miranda Kerr and her other Victoria's Secret pals, but we can all pull off a great swimsuit in our own personal ways. If you’re good for a little cleavage, look for a swimsuit with a very low cut. If you have long legs, find a swimsuit that has a high slip. No need to despair! Finding the right swimsuit may take a while, but once you've found the right one that makes your heart leap, the hard work will be all worth it! 


Summer Slip-ons + Life Lately

I've been feeling less like my usual highly spirited self these days. I've been poring most of my energy into scuffling to Manila and back for a rather crucial matter... I don't want to jinx anything by giving it away this early, but I'm dealing with some huge lifechanging shit lately; and frankly, I'm getting really cranky, bitchy, and drained from all the stress. I don't think anyone can blame me, though-- it's been nothing but non-stop flying trips, getting stuck by needles to make sure I'm physically sound, and arranging all the paperwork I supposedly need for the past month or so. I f**king kid you not when I say that I need a break from all of this, like, right now.

This entire process is dragging along like there's no tomorrow, so I don't think I'm gonna be relieved of all this just yet... so for the meantime, I'll take comfort in the fact that my quest for the ultimate summer shoe seems to be complete (for now haha!). I managed to snatch the very last pair of Topshop's croc-finish Tika 2 skaters (which are ridiculously comfortable, btw!), the perfect nod to this season's slip-on sneaker comeback. BRB while I take a few good long walks with these to clear my head.

Hope you are all doing good!